A New Vibe

I am writing a book. The book is about happiness. It’s about finding joy and contentment in the course of our everyday lives.


I am writing this book because I believe we are due – individually and collectively – for an energetic face lift. I’m calling this the New Vibe.


I believe we all want to be happier. We are all tired of the negativity we find around us and within us. But none of us knows quite what to do about it.


I’m writing this blog because I want to begin creating this New Vibe before the book is done.


The New Vibe is easy. It is based on two premises:


  1. Happiness is a choice. We are given this choice hundreds of times each day.

  2. Each time we choose positive over negative, expansive over restrictive, acceptance over judgment, we raise the energy of everyone around us. We become happier and the world becomes happier.


This is the single-most important thing we can do in our lives, in every day of our existence. As we make our choices, we create a New Vibe.

This blog is a point of inspiration, a gathering place, a reminder. I will do my best to keep it accessible, in philosophy and language, to anyone who has ever wanted to make a better Self and a better World.


Welcome to each of you, and thanks from my soul to yours. Please, pass this along.


~ by Julianna on July 2, 2008.

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