The way you live your life everyday…

“The way you live your life every day is the way you live your life.” This, from Annie Dillard.

I’d like to add “who you are in every moment is who you are.”

This gets us smack dab into choice. As you choose each moment of thought and feeling, you are creating yourself, your life, your reality. And in the process, you’re creating energy that affects not just you – but everyone, everywhere.

If you’d like to see a better world, this is both the place to start and the place to end. It is the only place – that place inside your brain that chooses your thoughts.

Example? Say you’re nice to the guy pumping gas. Unbeknownst to you, he’d had a terrible day and was about to go to a bar and drink himself silly, and on his way home he was going to get in a car accident that would have ended up fatal to a mother of six, and her kids would have all ended up being raised by their mean aunt etc, etc, etc. But when you smiled kindly and said “thank you – have a good night” – something shifted inside him and he decided to go home instead of out to the bar. No car accident, no lost mother of six, no awful aunt etc, etc.

Sound far-fetched? It’s not – not at all. It’s the ripple effect, or the chaos theory. Everything is interrelated.

We never, ever know how our actions are going to impact another person, and what the ripple effect will be. In the end, and in every moment, the best we can do is to make choices, comments, actions, and feelings from our hearts.

This is how we create the New Vibe – how we reverse the energy of humanity from a downward spiral back towards a stronger, more positive, more healthy vibe.

Remember, the way you live your life every day is the way you live your life. Who you are in every moment is who you are. It’s your choice, every single time.


~ by Julianna on July 2, 2008.

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