Holding our own space of truth

“This stuff is happening every single moment of our lives…” Continued from last post…

What a remarkable opportunity! This means that with every thought, and every word, and every deed we can make not just ourselves, but our collective humanity, stronger and more positive.

I just finished with a client – we did some intense energy work within a reflexology session, and then some coaching afterwards. What a blessing, the fact that I can do work that feels wholly right, and in the process I’m helping to strengthen others.

We talked a lot about how simply by us opening up, and doing what feels right deep down inside, we open up the energy and the courage for others to do the same. Not lecturing them or even trying to pull them along with us – just simply holding our own space of truth.  In doing so, we allow for them to do the same.

And the concept of choosing our truth – hearing it, listening to it, and acting upon it – is one of the ways in which we choose our lives each and every moment. Every time we turn around we get another chance…


~ by Julianna on July 10, 2008.

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