Tone of voice on the computer

I keep stumbling and searching for the right tone of voice on this Blog.  I’m on the verge of taking it offline, because every time I look at it I feel like I’m preaching.

This 2-dimensional device simply doesn’t work to convey nuances and energy.  And when you’re talking about energy work and healing, and things that have no real form…well, to try and give them form through words is hard enough, but to limit those words to a screen – it just doesn’t translate.  The bottom line is that the magic disappears.  At least when I’m speaking in person, I can look in a person’s eyes and there’s a very tangible energy exchange.  Here, there’s not – it’s entirely flat.

I’m writing this entry so that I don’t close down this site altogether.  I’m not fully sure why I’m keeping it up – it hasn’t felt right from the moment it was suggested to me.  But I’m following my gut, which isn’t quite ready to pull the plug.  Maybe that means there’s someone out there who will read one of my entries and gain something from it.  Or maybe it’s a lesson for me in patience, in giving things time to germinate and find their own answers.


~ by Julianna on July 24, 2008.

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