21 Days to 21 Minutes

So, here’s the deal. I’m about to start a journey. Want to join me?

The details are thus: for the next 21 days I will sit in silence for 21 minutes each day.

Here’s why:

“I know that I will benefit deeply from a regular practice of sitting in silence, of letting the boundaries of me dissolve.

As they go, I enter into sacred space, I merge myself with Source.  In this space I find peace, strength, love.  In this space my energy becomes centered.  In this space I deepen my gift as a healer.  In this space I improve my daily life.  In this space I take broad leaps toward my soul’s dreams.  In this space all things are possible.  The more time I spend here, the more magical my life becomes.

And as I emerge from this space, I carry with me the peace, strength, and love from which I was immersed.  From here, it moves to all that is around me – those who I touch directly and those who I will never meet.

I commit to this practice as a way of committing to soul.”

If you – or anyone you know – would like to join me on this journey, please do!  I will write about it daily, and I invite you to share your experiences on this blog too.

As we open ourselves, so too opens the world…


~ by Julianna on January 8, 2009.

6 Responses to “21 Days to 21 Minutes”

  1. Julianna, This is beautiful and inspiring. I look forward to your entries along your journey and will join you as well.

    Thanks for sharing this.


  2. The title alone inspires. I ain’t so good at sitting, but maybe I can find another thing to do for 21 minutes (napping meditation? Dancing meditation? singing meditation?) I will think on it. Ask me tomorrow what i came up with.
    I am loving my beautiful “inspired” necklace you made.
    How do you get those automatic related posts? That’s kind of cool. Does it automatically post on other people’s blogs as well? It looks like it. Do you find that feature brings new bloggers and readers to your blog?


  3. Lisa – it’s funny you said that, because I almost started this as a “I’ll do something creative for 21 minutes each day” – given this whole book I’m writing on Creative Healing…but then checked in with myself and decided what I really wanted, for ME, is the quiet meditation. (I decided I might do the Creative Meditation as my second-set of 21 days!)

    But for you… ABSOLUTELY do whatever is feeling right for you (you know that already!). Someday I’ll post about my Falling Asleep thing…which is a lot like napping meditation. I’d love to hear what you end up doing…and keep me posted on how it goes! Whatever you decide, it’s all just about finding something that works for you (but again, you know that already!)…

    As for the related post-thingy…it came up automatically. I didn’t love it, and I think I successfully turned it off by going into my extras and clicking on “Enable Snap Shots on this blog” button. If you try it, and it ends up linking your site to others as well, let me know!


  4. i am have no excuse not to try it. i will start today and tell you alllllllllllllllll about it


  5. Hi Everyone,

    It was fun to see the comments posted and I am checking in. So it is funny……how you enter into something never really knowing what you will discover. That is why life is so grand..it is a total adventure- filled with surprises!
    After I committed to go along for the ride, I was thinking -yikes SILENCE for 21 minutes. And then of course the coach in me asked- what is silence mean and what does it mean specifically to Julianna or anyone else that is joining this journey? I started to notice silence in a whole new way. That even when you are slient(as in not talking) there can be no silence. I realized that I was experiencing silence more that I was aware but exactly how silent was silence. I sit in silence for 21 minutes riding in the car but then of course there is the noise of the car and traffic and your own thoughts. I could be silent for 21 minutes walking the dog but not really because there is the sounds of nature and other barking dogs and cars and anything else that I might encounter along the way. I could even sit in silence in my house and hear the clock, the refrigerator, the heat clicking on, the dog whining at the squirrels outside, oh yes and let’s not forget my own thoughts.
    I had many more awarenesses come in about silence that would be too many to name here. I even thought of how people use the word silent and silence. That’s very interesting!
    Then I started to think about silence with a capitol S and was Silence in fact Stillness or was Stillness, Silence. And then the awareness of my own knowing that Silence or Stillness is the richness of my own essence. It is the experience of the self in totality and actually the only place that we can know who it is that we are. So after just 1 week I am getting to know that Silence can mean many things and it exists in all things and that Silence is the richness of my life. To understand Silence is completely another matter.
    Silence is too vast to understand completely from the human mind, so I have decided to simply open my heart to get to know Silence in a whole new way and I have to say that I am loving every minute of it!


  6. Hello Stephanie!
    I LOVE this meandering entry!

    It’s funny that you posted about this, because I was just thinking today about the difference between quiet time (when there’s not much noise or distraction), and time to quiet the mind (when there are no thoughts).

    I find the former to be critical for my well-being (dare I say “sanity”) and quite natural for me to slide into. The latter, however – this quieting of thoughts – is the challenge that I keep facing. And I’m coming around to the notion that fully quieting our minds is NOT necessarily something that comes easily! Funny that!

    Instead, I’m thinking that just putting our full attention into SOMEthing is a good in-between…for some it’s the breathing – or for instance with my yoga the other day, I slipped into it then without directly quieting my mind. It’s definitely something I want to explore more – and would love to keep hearing your thoughts and ideas as they unfold!


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