I’m not Zen yet…- Day 1

Well, I’m not Zen yet.

Nor did my brain quiet down for more than a grand total of 10 seconds during the 21 Minutes (or 1260 seconds…which means I’m batting 0.007).  Not so good…

But it doesn’t matter, because it felt really, really nice.

It showed me, of course, how busy my mind is. Which points me in the direction of being even more committed to my 21 Days to 21 Minutes. And luckily I’ve dabbled in meditation – ever so slightly, but enough to know that it does indeed get easier and the rewards are spectacular.

Clearly, I know that this practice is not about how it goes during the 21 minutes, but rather how it opens me in the other 1419 minutes (85,140 seconds) of each day. Let’s see how it goes tomorrow.

By the way, I read the following quote a week ago, but it’s been gently knocking at me ever since:

Enlightenment is not something you achieve. It’s the absence of something. – “Everyday Zen” by Charlotte Joko Beck

Until tomorrow…

p.s. I’m using a guided meditation CD (“3 Meditations to Live By” by Rod Stryker). It’s very helpful for the first half of it, because it helps me focus on breathing and reminds me that I’m supposed to be quieting my mind – rather than just letting my thoughts take over. But once I finally am focused, his voice becomes a distraction. If you’re deciding to join me on this journey – and especially if you’ve never sat in meditation before – it might be useful to get this CD or one similar. Good luck!


~ by Julianna on January 8, 2009.

One Response to “I’m not Zen yet…- Day 1”

  1. “it’s been gently knocking at me ever since”

    I LOVE this line.


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