Breaking the Rules – Day 4

It’s only Day 4, and I’m already breaking the rules.  I’m a bit of a rule-breaker by nature though, so it doesn’t really surprise me.

I haven’t done my 21 minutes today.  But I’m pretty sure I don’t need it…I just did something else that qualifies.  I certainly feel like I went into an-extraordinarily-beneficial-form-of-La-La-Land.  Yes, I know I did.

I just participated in a “mini-retreat for moms,” run by a dear friend of mine, Erin Barrette Goodman.  To keep it brief, I’ll just say that after an hour of light yoga and 20 minutes of guided relaxation, I was in one of the most sacred internal spaces I’ve ever experienced.

And it was delicious.  Yummy.  Peaceful.  Expansive.  Quiet.

Quiet was the first word, actually, that came to me when we began to speak after the session. It was an inner quiet – and it came not from intentional quieting of my mind, but rather from shifting my full attention to something – in this case, my body.

(There’s so much for me to expand on there, considering that a large portion of my work is about Creative Healing – which uses the idea of finding something to help us make this full-attention-shift and not relying solely on meditation…because meditation is pretty challenging for some!  I’ll write about it in a post someday soon…)

Whatever it was, my time with yoga and relaxation worked – and it worked wonders.

It reminded me that it doesn’t matter how we get there, just that we get there.  And that we go there frequently, as a regular part of our daily lives.

That, right there, is the key…


~ by Julianna on January 11, 2009.

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