Just nod if you can hear me… – Day 8

I’ve decided to make a rule for myself: anything that comes to me during my 21 Minutes is prohibited from this website. Why? Because I keep coming up with the most charming, the most witty, the most insightful thoughts imaginable…all while I’m trying desperately to not have any thoughts at all!

So there – new rule in effect immediately.

With that said, I had a really neat experience today during my 21 Minutes. I realized – once and for all – that it’s really, really difficult to stop my thoughts.

Yeah, I knew that already.

Okay, so I guess the realization was that it’s fine to use another route to mind-less-ness.  For me, this other route is to actually focus my attention really tightly, instead of trying to have no attention at all.  Make sense?

In my guided meditation CD he suggests we focus on our breath. That works for me for the first 5-10 minutes, that time during which I’m flittering around between thinking and letting go.

(Note: I also discovered today how marvelous it is to gently guide myself back from thought, without getting disappointed or frustrated.)

But after 10 minutes, once I’ve finally struck a slower internal pace, I need something more than breathing to focus on.

One of the thing that works sometimes is what I call the Falling Asleep Thing: the idea here is to hold a feeling, a sensation, in your being…as you’re falling asleep, or in this case, as you’re meditating. Let’s say the feeling is “joy.” You would imagine the sensation of joy filling each and every part of your being, from your toes to your elbows to your ears. It’s not that you’re thinking a joyous thought or remembering a joyous time (although these may, at first, help you find the sensation of joy) – but you’re fully feeling joy.

That’s a tremendous activity, especially if you’re trying to invite changes in your life.

But……………..…it’s not what’s been working best for me in my 21 Minutes.

No, the best thing I’ve found is to focus on my energy, my chi. I very deliberately focus my full attention on each chakra, moving from one, to the next, to the next. At each one, I physically feel the sensation of unwinding, opening, and expanding.

And then I start to drift, and I stay with how that drifting feels.

I don’t think about how the drifting feels, I feel how it feels.

And this is what begins to take me out of my mind…because it takes me so fully into that other part of my being that isn’t my mind at all.

This is where I find deep peace.

So, to those of you doing this along with me, may you free yourself in your practice to find what works for you.

Make sense?

Just nod if you can hear me….


~ by Julianna on January 15, 2009.

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