Our Better Angels – Day 17

My friend Erin Goodman and I were talking today about the inauguration and why it felt so very, very good. She said, “I stood there and thought ‘we have a Healer in the White House.'”

And for me, the Heavens just about opened up.

This, I thought, is what I’ve been talking about.

We have a Healer in the White House.

I keep saying that it’s not Obama’s race, or his policies, or even his leadership style that are so magnificent… it’s him.

It is his light, I hear myself telling people. He emanates truth and integrity, without even speaking a word. He understands – whether it’s an intellectual or purely innate level, I’m not certain – that his is a greater purpose.

And while I don’t doubt for a moment that he is committed to serving the people of this country, and wherever possible the world, I believe his true driving force is his “better angels.”

I listen to all these political writers and commentators parsing his every word…was the speech great or just good (somehow they are failing to see that it’s timeless)…were his appointments smart or too top-heavy…will he be able to pull this off before it all hits the fan.

My jaw drops that they don’t see it.

Yes, we want him to make smart, strategic decisions. Yes, we hope he surrounds himself with the most capable people.  And yes, we hope he can pull this thing off before too much more hits the fan.

But of far more value is the simple fact that he’s holding integrity in his heart as he moves through this world. Listen to his speech again…feel his speech, feel the energy that he holds, the understanding he has of the magnitude not just of his job but of the space he’s holding for hundreds of millions of people.

That he used this phrase, “better angels,” speaks not just of respect for history (it was Lincoln who first used the term), but to something much bigger.  He knows, from deep in his heart, that there is a space within each of us that is guided by, and indebted to, something far larger than ourselves.

He is not just a leader, he is a healer.

And every time he stands in front of us, we all begin to shift toward the better angels of our own nature.

(And by the way, today’s 21 minutes were spectacular.)


~ by Julianna on January 24, 2009.

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