A Matter of Time – Day 19

I’ve come to realize that I have indeed formed a new habit.

This 21 Day thing worked.

I’m not really interested anymore in writing about the 21 Minutes themselves.  That’s not the point.

And that comment, right there, is the biggest signal that a change has occurred.  When I began the 21 Days it was all about what happened during the 21 Minutes.  Now, it’s about a stillness that happens many times throughout the day.

That there is another signal – the fact that I’m remembering to connect at random points in the day – to center my energy with a greater stillness, a deeper understanding, a broader trust.

I have wanted, for so many years, to have the gift of remembering to center frequently.  It’s one thing to center when I’m reading a spiritual book, or writing, or having a deep conversation, but to remember to do it when I’m driving down the street or doing dishes – well, that’s a new, and very welcomed, change for me.

So yes, the stillness I sought from the meditation practice…it has become a habit. I won’t pretend that it’s an ever-present stillness.  But it’s certainly a place I visit far more often than I ever have before.

And while nothing strikingly obvious has changed in my outer world, I can feel that things have shifted within.

The outer stuff -which, after all, is merely a reflection of what’s going on internally – is only a matter of time.


~ by Julianna on January 27, 2009.

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