All I need to do is listen carefully enough to hear.

I’m finally back from the Ether.  I spent the weekend at a certification course for Energy Coaching.  Coming from the space/life-view of an Energy Healer, it was a 3-day immersion into energy-speak and energy-centering.  Tremendous, really.

We did an activity in which we were blind-folded, and a partner was guiding us verbally toward a goal…but couldn’t give real directions.

With that in mind, here’s what happened behind that blindfold of mine:

Right away I have a sense of which way I’m meant to go. So I strike out in that direction (it’s exactly opposite from where I’m starting…so true for my life).

So off I go. After a handful of tentative steps, I bump into a block. I say, “Hmmm…just bumped into a block,” to which my guide responds, “That’s okay, it just shows you that you’re moving.”

Wow.  Wow.

Okay, so I shift direction a bit. And my guide quickly, but gently, asks if that is really the right direction for me.  This is, of course, a signal that I’m not going the right way. So I change course again, and again my guide wonders aloud if there is perhaps another path for me to be on.

And it occurs to me, “wow, this is so very much the way I go through the world…I just kind of zig-zag back and forth, never in a direct line.”

It’s a sad realization, because it feels so inefficient, and I think about how much time and energy I’m wasting on an indirect route.  If only I could know my direction, rather than having to move blindly, I would be there already.

Then, as if on cue, my guide once again softly suggests that there might be a better way for me.

And then the big Aha!-moment happens.

I realize that I am being guided,

every step of the way,

and all I need to do is listen carefully enough to hear.

And now, each new direction I turn, I hardly take a step at all before I understand – from my guide – whether or not it is my right way.

And suddenly, in what feels like a heartbeat, I’m there.

I’ve reached my goal.

This teaching had nothing to do with the original intent of the exercise.

But then, that’s the whole point of Energy Coaching: to guide a person as they discover for themselves exactly what it is they need to know.

Again, I say wow.


~ by Julianna on February 11, 2009.

2 Responses to “All I need to do is listen carefully enough to hear.”

  1. This underscores the importance for each of us to periodically take time throughout our days to find a little time to be quiet and listen/feel the guidance that comes to us in form of the still soft voice and which is often drowned out by the noise of our normal days.


  2. Andrew…you’re so, SO right!!


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