Today is About Love

blue sky and white clouds

Today is about Love – the ether that is the core of it all.

It started for me this morning with a quote from Living with Joy by Sanaya Roman.  The book is gold.  I don’t believe it says many things that have not already been said.  But it is filled with kindness and clarity, in a way that goes right to the core.

The quote:

“There is so much love available, it is as abundant as the air you breathe.”

And it got me thinking.

Or feeling, to be precise.

On the treadmill, at the Y, I meditate.  I practice a unity with my deeper Self.  There’s a whole other story wrapped up in this, but for now, let’s just say that it serves me very well to meditate while treading.  And it surely makes the exercise fly by and feel blissful.

Given that Today is About Love, I begin meditating on Love.  To be more specific, I begin a little game with myself that I call the Feeling Game.  It goes like this: I choose a feeling, and hold that feeling in every fiber of my being.  So I start holding the sensation of Love inside me.  And it grows.  And soon it becomes me as love.  All my particles are Love.

And suddenly I notice an extraordinary softening.  My edges have melted away.  All those internal things that feel grabby or needy, competitive or wanting, judgmental or lacking…they are gone.  There is nothing here but soft space – generous, kind, understanding…


Today is About Love, and I had become it.


The thing I marvel at, every time I play the Feeling Game, is that there is no external driver to the sensation.  I wasn’t in a circumstance (the treadmill!) that was a particularly Love-filled place, nor was I even thinking a thought (e.g. my children’s laughter) that elicited the feeling of Love.  Instead it was completely and entirely a fabrication – something I elicited simply by inviting the feeling to come into me.

There was no need for anything except my intention.


So wait…that’s how we find love?

That’s it??

Wow.  How beautiful is that?


~ by Julianna on November 9, 2009.

One Response to “Today is About Love”

  1. Thank you for your beautiful thoughts. I carry with me today your one lovely line: ” Today is about love and I had become it.” This is an apt description of the compassionate Buddha, the Christic, the Light-Bearer. This is the full flowering of what it is to be human and a child of the Light.


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