A funny note about miracles

Okay, so I haven’t written in a bit (just been posting quotes, which has been tremendous fun, by the way!) – but this just wants to come out.

Background: Yesterday’s quote was from A. Einstein: “There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” I love the quote, and always have.

A note from a reader said, “At the risk of being nitpicky, I believe Einstein was using the word miracle in the poetic sense.”

It didn’t feel nitpicky at all – it merely got me thinking. My response was, “I think I am too. Actually, it begs the question of what one means by ‘miracle…’

So that’s that. Until I decide to look for a new book on my shelf later in the day. I’ve been reading one of the Seth books, and it’s resonated very deeply. I knew I wanted something along those same lines (enlightened).

A bit more background: I have 3 large bookshelves lined with delicious books, so it’s always a joy for me to browse through them.

So I’m looking.  And I instantly see A Course in Miracles.  Mind you, there is not one ounce of conscious recognition that I’d been speaking of miracles earlier in the day. The only thing to go through my mind was “Huh – that’s been sitting there for years. I’ve been hearing about it for years. It’s too God-based. I’ve never liked it.”

I move on to the other end of the shelf. That’s as far as I get. Some of my favorite books are down there,  but none feel right. About half-a-page into the book I finally chose, I realize it’s odd how it’s all about miracles. And I look at the title of that first chapter: “The Meaning of Miracles.”

I had indeed picked up A Course in Miracles, without one iota of thought about yesterday’s blog, nor my exchange with the reader.

…it begs the question of what one means by miracles…

And without knowing, I begin reading a book that starts with “The Meaning of Miracles.”  Kind of mind-boggling.

p.s. I still don’t like the God-stuff. I am literally translating it as I go along, transferring the language into words and concepts that don’t have the tightness of the religious language or baggage. It’s an interesting challenge/opportunity!


~ by Julianna on October 29, 2010.

4 Responses to “A funny note about miracles”

  1. Ah My Dear Friend. I do understand the “God” stuff can be a bit much. However, with that thought in mind remember that we are all a part of the Universe and that you could literally change the word GOD into your own or that of another that allows you more comfort. The brilliance of our language is once you know it you can manipulate it in positive ways that allow us growth. Think Abraham. And I will leave you with this,
    The same stream of life that runs through my veins night and day runs through the world and dances in rhythmic measures. ~ Rabindranath Tagore
    Thank you for sharing your gift. We are all the better because of it. I love you!


  2. This is exactly what I was saying myself…changing the words so that they brought expansion and not contraction…connection and not separateness.


    God = Source
    Atonement = Undoing the lost connection
    Sons of God = Each of us as individual spirits that ultimately are Of Source.

    I will use your quote in one of my upcoming posts!

    As for gifts…mine is smiling at yours right now!! Peace and hugs – j.


  3. If “miracle” can be poetically translated, why not “God”? I’m interested in what defines “poetic” for your commenter and for your response, but privately suspect all three translations (miracle, God, poetics) are inseparable, especially in the space that doesn’t think on these things at all and instead simply knows.

    The words you’re lead to read are surely teachers, probably begging you to change them (beyond them) through your own expression. I see your thoughts and connections through this language as your individual dive through layers. And I thank you so heartily for sharing what you find there here with us.



    • Hello Kate – and welcome!

      Yes, when I read the term “poetic” I too wondered how that was different from Miracle. And I believe it’s not. I believe that Art is one of the easiest, closest ways most of us experience Miracles (as long as we open to the flow, rather than push/pull the art into Being).

      I appreciate that you, as a poet/word-guru, are open to allowing for adaptations. I do believe that this book is saying all the same things that I myself am saying, but their words have different meanings for me, and therefore must be changed if I’m going to receive the message (yes, teachings).

      Absorbing the love, and sending some back in equal measure…


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