Matter itself appears to be malleable…

“Theirs was the first evidence that the peculiar properties of quantum physics occur not simply at the quantum level with subatomic particles, but also in the world of visible matter.* Molecules also exist in a state of pure potential, not a final actuality. Under certain circumstances, they escape Newtonian rules of force and display quantum nonlocal effects. The fact that something as large as a molecule can become entangled suggests that there are not two rule books – the physics of the large and the physics of the small – but only a single rule book for all of life.

These two experiments also hold the key to a science of intention – how thoughts are able to affect finished, solid matter. They suggest that the observer effect occurs not simply in the world of the quantum particle but also in the world of the everyday. Things no longer should be seen to exist in and of themselves but, like a quantum particle, exist only in relationship. Cocreation and influence may be a basic, inherent property of life. Our observation of every component in our world may help to determine its final state, suggesting that we are likely to be influencing every large thing we see around us. When we enter a crowded room, when we engage with our partners and our children, when we gaze up at the sky, we may be creating and even influencing at every moment. We can’t yet demonstrate this at normal temperatures; our equipment is still too crude. But we already have some preliminary proof: the physical world – matter itself – appears to be malleable, susceptible to influence from the outside.”

Lynne McTaggart, The Intention Experiment

* Referring to quantum research conducted by Sai Ghosh and Anton Zeilinger


~ by Julianna on December 8, 2010.

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