Here at the Edge

When love lights a fire in the heart,

don’t be so quick to quell the flames.

To be fully alive is to welcome the

Beloved in countless names and guises,

not turn away the wild with the tame.


Drink your fill of longing. Let

love wash through in waves that

lift you up and carry both your

daring and your fear straight

to unknown places. Yes, there

is danger in not staying safely

cloaked in morality and labels –


But there is life here at the edge,

and a choice to be made between

thoughtful abandon and passionate

restraint. The plaintive cry of the

heart can be ignored only at the

price of a fully realized life.


Throw arms wide to possibilities

that move and call you to come

forth in freedom and in fullness.

Trust the seed of grace within to

blossom without sin or sorrow,

for you are surely big enough to

hold the truth as it unfolds.

(Danna Faulds from Go In and In: Poems from the Heart of Yoga)


~ by Julianna on January 31, 2012.

4 Responses to “Here at the Edge”

  1. I love the visual and the way you worded this! Very creative writing!


  2. This is absolutely beautiful – powerful words! I think it’s by Danna Faulds from Go In and In: Poems from the Heart of Yoga (or so google tells me, I was curious!). Thanks for sharing this!


    • Yes – excellent – thanks Heather! (Looks like your Google prowess is far better than mine!) I’m going to credit it properly, right now. Glad you found this site and enjoyed the poem!


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