Again and again … #Quote 127



Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again.



Joseph Campbell


~ by Julianna on June 13, 2012.

9 Responses to “Again and again … #Quote 127”

  1. Love it!!


  2. I like reading these quotes because they bring me back to the present moment. And the music playing on your site is very relaxing.


    • Dustin – thanks for these kind words. This is indeed why I do the blog – to offer people a moment of grace in the busy-ness of “real life.” And I love being reminded that my site is indeed filling its intention! (p.s. The music is by a friend, Steve Franklin. I will pass along the compliments to him.)


  3. Lovely and just what I needed this morning, thank you J x


    • So happy to hear that, Jane! I love when “just the right thing” drops into our awareness – and I love being part of that process for people! Have a great one – j.


      • Also, the guitar music on your website was the perfect backdrop to my moment x


        • Thanks, Jane. I just dropped a note to my friend, Steve Franklin, who did the piece – letting him know how many folks are giving him compliments on it. It is indeed beautiful, and the perfect match for my site! Have an inspired day!


  4. Then your blog falls into my “sacred space” category becasue I find myself in it again and again!

    Thank you, Julianna!



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