A sabbatical

Hello Friends!

I’ve so very much enjoyed kicking up my blogging-presence a bit in the past month or two. But…summer’s here! I can already feel myself resisting “keeping up” with the online world, so I’m happily listening to and following that feeling, and taking time off. I’ll post a bit here and there, as the spirit moves me – which is what this blog is about in the first place!

Please know I’ll be holding space for all of the beautiful souls out there who follow/find my blog – as well as all those who haven’t yet done so! And when you get the occasional post this summer, may it fill you with weeks of Love and Light and Remembering.

Peace – Julianna


~ by Julianna on June 29, 2012.

20 Responses to “A sabbatical”

  1. Have a fun summer


  2. I can totally relate. Thank you for your lovely inspirations. That you are taking time to fill your own well for awhile is just as inspirational. Cheers! Raiana


    • Yey! Yes, there’s nothing better than filling our own wells…thank you for that reminder. And I’m glad it might inspire others to do the same! Happy day to all! – j.


  3. rest and breath deeply – I’ll enjoy whatever you post!


  4. Enjoy your time away and be peaceful!


    • Thank you Melanie! Yes, amazingly I am finding deep peace in just being in the midst of the fun-summer-busy-ness (I tend to like quiet…but now that I’ve given myself space to just roll with it, there is peace within…)!


  5. Summer is here enjoy and be safe…


  6. Julianna enjoy and flow and have fun xx


  7. Excellent. Blog or don’t blog. Write or don’t write. Do what feels right in the moment. I’ll be around and will enjoy your drop-ins from time to time. Good for you, Julianna.


    • Thanks, Thomas. Yeah, it felt really good to allow myself this space (and oddly enough, it was only this morning that I realized how much I wanted it). There’s so much beauty to creating freedom, when and where we can create it. Light to you – and yes, I too will be around and will drop by as well. Peace – j.


  8. time to rest is essential to the creative process!


    • Hawaii – you’re so right…and I remind my clients/friends of this so often, it’s good to be reminded of it myself. Peace to you! – j.


  9. Thanks for liking my post on 5 books on spirituality for summer reading. Have a great summer sabbatical….


  10. I just love your posts, they are uplifting, I’ll be back. Just love it.


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