There’s no remaining in place…#Quote 141



When the path ignites a soul,
there’s no remaining in place.

The foot touches ground,
but not for long.


Hakim Sanai


~ by Julianna on September 21, 2012.

6 Responses to “There’s no remaining in place…#Quote 141”

  1. Great one, Julianna!


  2. Maybe one day they’ll use this for the daily Cryptoquote! I just love solving them! Take care, and thanks for visiting, Julianna. — YUR


  3. It’s a substitution cipher that a lot of newspapers carry, like they do the crossword puzzle and the Jumble. Pretty cool. You’d like it. — YUR


    • I suspect you’re right that I would like it. And then the answer ends up as a cool or inspiring message (or a joke, or some such)? Yes, I would definitely love for lots of people to uncover these spirited messages that I send out! Best to you, YUR! – Julianna


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