A reminder … #Quote 144



Love, yes, love your calling, for this holy and generous love will impart strength to you so as to enable you to surmount all obstacles.



St. Mary Euphrasia Pelletie


~ by Julianna on September 28, 2012.

4 Responses to “A reminder … #Quote 144”

  1. beautiful words!
    For me,the toughest obstacles to overcome are the ones created by my loved ones. Those need a lot of strength to overcome. And if I do surmount them, the guilt of coming across as selfish causes a lot of pain.


    • Yes, it can indeed be difficult when it feels that the support isn’t there. Just remember, the more you tap into the light and love in your heart (for yourself, as well as for others), the higher your life’s vibration will be. This is the best place from whence to make change. Good luck, and emanate love…!


  2. Thanks for the reminder.


    • Naomi – I myself love these reminders, so I thoroughly enjoy sharing them with others.

      BTW – Anyone reading this note: Go check out Naiomi’s art – it’s fabulous!!


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