You are a Soul … #Quote 177



~ by Julianna on April 30, 2014.

9 Responses to “You are a Soul … #Quote 177”

  1. I remind myself of this many times each day 🙂 I am spirit 🙂 Thanks for posting! Sharon


  2. Wow this one is a life-changer!


  3. As a young believer I remember pouring through C.S. Lewis books.
    And Watchman Nee. And Thomas Merton. And…many others until I finally settled on a few versions of the Bible. We’re all starved for encouragement. Thank you for your efforts to feed others a little.


  4. I say a version of this to my students. “We have cars, dogs, joys and problems, but we are a Soul. Soul is not a possession. It is our being.”

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  5. I love this quote….

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    • Thanks for the note, Robert, and for stopping by here. It’s a great one, I agree. I find that any (and all) of these remind me of the core of it all – they bring my mind/vibration back to what it real and what is Love. So good. Have a great one!


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