There is only Now … #Quote 186



~ by Julianna on October 30, 2014.

16 Responses to “There is only Now … #Quote 186”

  1. Really needed to read this today- thank you!


  2. Very true but most of the times we prefer to wait! The surprise? Life will take you by surprise and you will have to be ready. ;))


  3. True, in fact of we look from opposite side, one is ever ready to act and for that we have to be completely present there in that particular moment. Its always now and now only.

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    • The trick is in the remembering, right? What do you mean by “opposite side”? You have me curious…


      • First; your quotes are really awesome and inspiring, they always shows a some kind of connect. thanks for sharing it with everyone.

        Second by Opposite, i meant from other side. like if i face north, i can only see the world inf ront of me i.e north side or some periphery but there is world in south (Opposite) also. so is everything in life like
        Now : Won
        Live : Evil
        God : Dog
        Love : Evol-ve

        the opposite is always interesting and same, its an duality. So I was saying, one is ever ready but we are acting subconsciously and behaving in a programmed manner. however living consciously can change everything and make are completely ready. its just a realization but not a wait.


  4. True… there is only NOW… tomorrow never comes as they say.. x

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    • Right on Sue. I’m always intrigued as to why it’s so easy to forget this simple concept. Practice, practice, practice! There’s such incredible Power when we tap in deep like that, into the now…I remind myself that it’s good to visit that place, even though I don’t “live” there all the time. Have a great day/moment! 🙂

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      • 🙂 always!… We only ever live in the moment of NOW.. and its amazing how many people live in the past.. and worry about the future.. They totally Miss LIFE! 🙂 xx You too enjoy Julianne.


  5. There is no place like being in the moment…it is the only place we have.

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