Want Change? This Radio Show Rocks It!

_SAJ5480 copyThinking about Change in your life? This show is TOTALLY for you.

My client is a rock star, and there’s an awful lot of good juju in so much of this. Plus, it’s a chance for you to tune into some coaching techniques and apply them to your own life. It’s just a step shy of having your very own coach!


(And if, after listening, you’ve got a fire in your belly…use that momentum and give me a shout at j@jriccienergy.com or 401-447-8499 to get you moving toward your dreams!)


~ by Julianna on November 11, 2014.

9 Responses to “Want Change? This Radio Show Rocks It!”

  1. all the best. listened to it you, it was nice.

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    • Thanks Nirmal – glad you listened (and left feedback!). The next show, based on the concept of “feel the fear and do it anyway” will air Tuesday night. I’ll be sure to post the archives here again. What cash he are you looking to make, out of curiosity (and totally cool if you don’t want to say!)? Best – Julianna


      • I like the quotes given by you on your blog. they are very positive and inspiring and so was the radio. honestly, I myself don’t know what I want to make.
        I just do what comes to me and may be in bargain some good friends and good moments are coming to me a rich dividends. Just try to be happy.
        “feel the fear and do it any way” sounds to be interesting and seems to be a natural instinct of all.

        all the best ๐Ÿ™‚

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        • Ooh – that’s neat…you think “feel the fear and do it anyway” is instinctual? I find that lots and lots of us shut down when we feel fear – we stop moving because it gets scary, we’re afraid to “fail”, we “fail” once and then stop trying…all sorts of things cause most people to shy away from their bigger dreams. Tell me more why it seems instinctual to you.

          Also, doing what “feels best” – as you say you are doing – is a brilliant way to move through the world, because it means you’re in “this feels great!” mode all the time. Awesome!

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          • feel the fear and do it anywayโ€ is instinctual.
            today I listened to my heart, I found its a rebellion. The heart want to break out of bondages and want to feel the sky like a free bird.
            then I saw the whole nature is rebellion. the seed rebel its shield and blossom into a tree. a baby rebel the womb and comes 0ut and grow into a man/woman. The whole world is orgasmic and rebellion is its nature. or it is quintessential for growth. there is inherent stability in whole universe and so in us also.
            This instability coupled with our social conditioning makes us weak and afraid. the search for stability create fear in us and reduces our ability to take decisions.
            however, once you realize the fear leaves you like the darkness leave with the incoming of sun.
            A bit long reply, hope you’ll like it. ๐Ÿ™‚


            • Interesting! So the way you’re seeing it is that “rebellion” (what I would call growth or natural progression) is innate. Agreed! And here’s how I interpret/extrapolate the rest of what you said: The only reason there’s fear is that we resist these changes (you called it instability) is that our society has taught us to embrace the known/predictable; to try to make everything like that (which requires/suggests control over things). If/when we let go of this need for stability/control, we lose our fear because we are accepting of, and flowing with…rather than resisting…the natural flow of life.

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