The Universe Conspires … #Quote 211



~ by Julianna on December 8, 2014.

9 Responses to “The Universe Conspires … #Quote 211”

  1. Reblogged this on enrouteinward and commented:
    Intellectually I know what this mean, however this is not fully integrated in my energy.

    Most times, I am uncertain what I truly desire, let alone decide.
    When I have a glimpse of my desire, I feel I don’t deserve.
    Sometimes, I feel I am too greedy.

    There are good days when I am sure and then the certainty fluctuates. Good days are days I go with flow of life and know I deserve and receive. And there are days when I feel I need to struggle and work my ass off before I deserve.

    Growing up, I was taught “No Pain No Gain”, the harder we work, the more we treasure success.

    Ask and receive is such a simple act and yet so hard to do.

    Now I know the difference between intellectually knowing or energetically knowing.


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  2. Exactly.. Enjoy your Magical week

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  3. I agree. Our thoughts and imaginations are powerful.

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    • Thanks for reminding us of the “imagination” part of the equation…because it’s really just “creative thought” after all…which is equally powerful. So…let’s get busy imagining ourselves into better and better places. 🙂


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