It’s their story, not yours … #Quote 220

It's their story, not yours


~ by Julianna on December 19, 2014.

18 Responses to “It’s their story, not yours … #Quote 220”

  1. So perfect today- thank you.

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  2. Kim – I had a powerful sense to post this specific one today. Maybe it was because you needed it!

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  3. Remember happiness is an internally property

    We need endure criticism, praise and indifference as impermanent and subject to change at anytime.

    When we can let go the desire for approval and fear of criticism, freedom arrives

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    • Thanks, Marty. Yes, and it helps us “endure criticism” by remembering that it’s “their stuff,” not ours. I always think “what would the Budda (or Jesus) do right now?” If the person is acting any more critical than the Budda or Jesus (representing non-ego), then I know it’s that person’s “stuff” – and not mine to take on. It’s all a learning process though, that’s for sure!


      • We are excellent except in our blind its

        I think I am a good judge of character and most would agree but when I misread, it is a whopper

        Blind spots

        Well our ego knows us well, or is he/she us?

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        • No…the ego is the thin outer layer (judgment, competition, worry – anything that vibrates lower than Love). But it certainly seems to take some practice to undo the years of training that we have in ego-land! Yes, it is indeed a whopper when we misread. Take heart in the fact that your abilities and intuition are likely more honed now!


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    Exactly live your own dream. Perhaps they have none that is why they criticize.

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    • Gale – certainly many have had their dreams squashed, or even the possibility. It’s easy to be cynical or limited in that situation. I consider myself very lucky that I am able to be more supportive/positive about dreams than many people are able to be.


  6. Very well said!

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  7. That thought ties in so well with what I have been dealing with for almost three years. Time to write my story the way I want it to be!

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    • Patrick – thanks for the note. Yes, we always write our own stories…it’s just a matter if we’re aware and choosing. It sounds like you’re ready to be in that new space – congrats!


  8. we always judges other by our opinions, our benchmarks, and so is done by others for us and it simply does not matter. what matters is what I think of me and do I actually know or have the courage to know the same or not.


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