Out of Body Exploration: An Interview with OBE expert William Buhlman

Adventures in the AfterlifeThis is a gem…….
Join us as William Buhlman, out-of-body (OBE) researcher, author, and teacher explains the nature of non-physical reality, from which we all stem and remain intricately connected. Mr. Buhlman relates, from 40+ years of exploration during OBEs, how we are, indeed, “spiritual beings having a human experience.”

We discuss his upcoming book, which delves into “life after death,” and how we can help prepare ourselves, and our loved ones, to enter the most loving realms out there. As he says, “Heaven isn’t a place, it’s a state of mind,” and his new book will help readers enter into as brilliant a Heaven as possible.

Mr. Buhlman also announces a new program he will be running Aug 6-9, 2015 at The Monroe Institute, titled “Destination Higher Self!”

Sit back, and allow yourself to be expanded.

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~ by Julianna on January 12, 2015.

8 Responses to “Out of Body Exploration: An Interview with OBE expert William Buhlman”

  1. Hi, J! Is your show on iTunes? Help me find it to subscribe.


    • Hi Patrick – my shows seen or yet on itunes – they will be up in a couple weeks – thanks for asking.

      I really enjoyed your most recent interview, and look forward to hearing more of you shows. Thanks for stopping by!

      Btw – I have another show airing tonight on WARL1320, and will post it on the blog here as soon as I get the archive from the radio station. Best – Julianna


  2. I read that book and I was hooked,it explained me a lot of stuff that has happened to me before.
    After that book I’ve realized that it’s my responsibility to evolve into something much bigger.

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    • Eternal Fire – Wow – what a great note you sent. I too found the book to explain SO much…although I can’t claim to have experienced things before. I am glad this resonated with you. William Buhlman is VERY accessible through his FB page – if you felt inclined to drop him a note about your experiences. Or, I love discussing such things, if you’re game to share here. Best – Julianna


      • Did you read only that book from him or? You probably experienced something before but you haven’t taken it seriously,people seems to ignore “strange” activities within them and around them. I’m also glad that more people are starting to look beyond the box,and now-days there are more literature than before,it’s clearly that people consciousness is evolving. Sorry if I failed somewhere in grammar :p

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        • Didn’t know that you’re a energy coach,honorable path to follow

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        • I only read Far Journeys by Monroe. His style didn’t speak to me as much as William Buhlman’s (Adventures Beyond the Body) or Jurgen Ziewe’s (Multidimensional Man). I have lots of little “knowings” and have gone partially out-of-body. Maybe I don’t consider them “major” because I know there is so much more that can be done. You’re right – it’s easy to write all of it off as a random chance, a trick of the mind, etc. Yes – energy coach is indeed an honorable (and truly fulfilling) path! 🙂

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