Love and Above

heart with abstract backgroundI want to begin by sending Love out to each of you. Can you feel it? It’s there, for sure!

I’m going to start posting my weekly radio shows here on my blog. They’ll only come out once a week, and my inspiring pics/messages will continue to be the focus of this page. Thanks to EACH of you for all the love and support you share in this space!

This week’s radio guest really brought home the message of Love – the great inner power we all have, connecting us to vibrations much higher than our normal human experiences.

Greg Norman, my guest, has accomplished many things in his life, including being named Mr. Rhode Island, and training Olympic, NFL, and NHL athletes. Throughout it all has been a common thread of religion and spirituality, and where they overlap and diverge.

We spoke a lot about spirituality and religion, in easy and powerful ways:

  • The bridge between self-help, spirituality, and religion
  • How “religious teachings” have full Love at their deepest core, but no longer fit for many people who are looking for Love and not fear
  • Details on his practice of Opening the Heart, which has allowed him to experience “Heaven on Earth” and to begin fulfilling his truest purpose

We also spoke a lot about Love:

  1. Self Love – the extraordinary power of opening our hearts…wide
  2. Love for Others – great news!…this is a natural result of #1
  3. Unconditional v. Conditional Love – what they look like, how they differ, and the different places they take us
  4. How to allow Love to be stronger than fear and judgement, throughout each and every day

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Listen to archived shows here


~ by Julianna on January 21, 2015.

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