Ken Elliott author of Manifesting 123

M123 cover with outline

You don’t want to miss this interview. Click here to jump-start your manifestation magic!

What a blessing, to interview and hang out with Ken Elliott, author of the book Manifesting123…and you don’t need #3.

First: I have read a TON of books about Manifesting. The concept is not new to me. Not remotely.

Second: Ken somehow manages to give some new nuggets of gold in this book.

How the…???

This is not an ordinary manifesting or law of attraction book. That’s how.

Listen to the show.

It melds the stuff I’ve already done on my radio shows – our thoughts become things – and details some fun, easy things we can do to make the most of this fact.

Ken’s book contains critically new information beyond the law of attraction and makes the entire manifesting process amazingly simple. Special tools or talents are not necessary. You don’t need to know how to meditate, or have a pure soul, or even martyr-ish intentions. Bah! This is for all of us, to manifest the fun and joy and abundance and ease we are working so hard to create.

Ken has experienced sending objects in thought and having them appear in the home of someone gifted enough to describe what had been sent. Ken learned that intentions instantaneously start to manifest on the ‘other side.’

Ken Elliott Jan 2015Friends, I’m really careful about who I bring onto my radio show. Ken is for real when he talks about these things, about sending a thought to a psychically-talented friend, who could watch the thought form into a hazy-object, right in front of her.

As Ken puts it, “I was fortunate. I directly learned that thought creates and does so immediately. In this book [and interview] I’ll relate how thoughts begin to form up in the non-physical world and how you can bring them into your life simply and efficiently! The information I gleaned is so simple it is laughable.”

A number of true stories are included in the book to clarify concepts and for your encouragement.

The book also provides an elegant tool for dealing with your worries and negative thoughts. Thoughts create and you don’t want to empower the negative ones.

Folks, this is a results-oriented book. Over and over, people report to Ken about their successes with Manifesting 1, 2, 3. They say, “It just works!”

Listen to the interview! And I suspect you’ll want more, so buy the book too! On a side note, Ken is also an extraordinarily accomplished artist. Check out his artwork.

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~ by Julianna on January 28, 2015.

2 Responses to “Ken Elliott author of Manifesting 123”

  1. Sounds like a fascinating interview. Wayne Dyer spoke of manifesting objects into his home as exercises in the power of intention and manifestation last year when I saw him for a 3 hr keynote. I hope I can find the time to read his book!!! All good things to you bella.


  2. This interview was great! I liked Ken’s language for what Abraham-Hicks call’s the Vortex of Creation, thanks for sharing his work definitely something to play with 😉


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