The other side of normal … #Quote 246

the other side of normal


~ by Julianna on March 10, 2015.

7 Responses to “The other side of normal … #Quote 246”

  1. I had never considered a new normal as the other side of normal. A different way of looking at life.

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    • Patrick – I read this and thought “yes, if the ‘norm’ isn’t suiting me [and I’m not really very radical at all – just that I think there’s a lot more to ‘reality’ than most people consider], then by definition I must be willing to be on another side than ‘normal.'” I guess that fits as your “new normal”?

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      • Yes it does. The other side, or new normal, can be a decision one makes or, as in my case, is something that happens to create the other side. Stepping into the new normal and embracing the change allows one to live the life they love. Otherwise you can get mired down by disappointment. A mind bending concept.

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        • Whoa…Patrick…I wanted to share this neat thing: I rarely looked at my WordPress stats, but for some reason did just now. I have 1,000 comments, on-the-dot … It was YOU who landed that super-fun turning point. And what a great comment to have it happen on. Rock on!

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          • Wow Julianna!!! I feel honored to be 1000! I noted one day my comment stats and was looking to see who would be the 1000th comment. I too let them know. Congratulations on reaching this mile stone. 🙂


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