The Courage to Continue … #Quote 306



~ by Julianna on July 29, 2015.

5 Responses to “The Courage to Continue … #Quote 306”

  1. It does take courage to continue when we perceive our world is falling apart. Sometimes changes leads us to a better place.

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    • With some Faith (higher self, god, synchronicity, etc), we can interpret things that change ALWAYS leads us to a better place – we just may not see it at the time. And if we resist it, we’re resisting the positive new path that was opening before us. Not always easy to do in the moment, but I do believe it to be the case. Thanks for being an important part of the energy of this site!

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      • Change itself is the only constant in life. We either embrace the change and look for the positive or we get mired in the negative self talk. Happiness is a choice. As a side note, some change could lead to problems (e.g. – deciding to reject help; drug and alcohol abuse; living beyond your means to name a few).


  2. Wise words.. thank you for always bringing us that inspiration. Love and Blessings Sue

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