How to Stay Centered this Holiday Season

((I can’t believe I forgot to post this 50% off my Energy Alchemy course to this wonderful community!))Energy Alchemy

For those who are feeling just how de-centering (stressful!) the holidays are, go ahead and gift yourself – or someone else – the magic of Energy Alchemy.

This is one of the toughest times of year. We over-schedule, over-shop, over-spend, over-eat, over-drink…and under-sleep, under-exercise, under-take-care-of-ourselves in general.

I’m cramming this Energy Alchemy course in specifically for these reasons – to help people stay grounded and centered, happy and healthy.

Without a doubt, the only way to ensure that you remain joyful and healthy during the holidays is by committing to self-care, getting it on your schedule, and then showing up. Because otherwise, everything else seems to trump our own needs.

When we do this, we not only navigate the Holidays in a light and loving way, but we also get the bonus of starting out the New Year from a wonderful, already-filled space.

Really, I can’t imagine a better gift for myself or my loved ones!

Feel free to share this offer with yours. Just remember the 50% offer ends tonight at 6:00p EST (Monday, November 30)  – and the class begins 2 hours later at 8:00p EST tonight!

Totally last minute, but if you’re feeling it, I hope you go for it!

And as always, I’m just plain sending a big hug to this WordPress community. So many good people here! oxoxo


~ by Julianna on November 30, 2015.

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