Oh man, we all want to feel good, don’t we?

It’s what we strive for, in pretty much everything we do. This blog is my small offering – to help whomever reads it feel good – or at least better.

… as each of us feels a spark of grace/kindness/hope/connection, we pass it along to the next person.

I smile just thinking about it.

My name is Julianna Ricci, and it will come as no surprise to hear that I am a certified Energy Coach.

I help people feel good – for a living.

I do this work because I love it, and I’ve been gifted to be really good at it.

(If you’re looking to feel good right now, go ahead and download my free guided meditations. You can also sign up for my newsletter – it doesn’t come out very often, but when it does, it’s filled with blessings.)

Pause for a moment to think of something you’d like to change in your life. It could be anything. That’s what I would help you change. We would give you that piece of your life. We would transform your life.

Typically my clients say something like:

“I don’t really have words to describe the changes…I don’t really know what happened or why it worked…just that it did, and the results are incredible… beyond what I could have imagined.”

If you’re jazzed by this, and feel like you’re ready to finally make those changes, drop me a note for a free consultation.

Beyond the awesomeness of this work, I am also mother to two extraordinary souls (who also happen to be getting stronger than me…our wrestling tussles are no longer a guaranteed win for me); wife to a similarly extraordinary man (who I once beat at basketball…granted, we were dating, so maybe he was taking it easy on me??); a lover of the ocean and live music; a bit of a world-traveler; and as odd as it may sound, I began all of this with a Masters degree in marine science, working for the Federal government. So, if anyone can speak to finding the courage to follow their passions, I’m pretty experienced there.

Onward with Love!


Julianna Ricci, MSc, CPC, CRP



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